Its 2018!!! Now What? Take 5 minutes to see how 5 seconds can change your life forever.

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Its 2018!!! Now What? Take 5 minutes to see how 5 seconds can change your life forever.

I think everyone of us wants to start the New Year with good intentions. We make promises to ourselves that we intend to keep. In 2018 we will exercise, eat healthier work harder, wake up earlier, be nicer to our spouses, spend more time with our kids, make more money, etc. etc... Everyone of us have good intentions, to be and do better, but why is it so difficult to follow through?

Here is a video bt Mel Robbin's who talks about the "5 Second Rule" an extremely easy concept that if put into use will change your life in 5 seconds or less. Take 5 minutes right now to listen to Mel's interview. This simple concept will forever change the way you think about your actions.


Sometimes its easier to hit the snooze button, then get out of bed and face your fears. Its easier to check out and hide under our warm sheets then face the cold. We know that our daily decisions keep us in the same spot. Year after year we watch everything around us change except for our income, our health, our relationship, ourselves. So why do we continue to fail? why do we continue making the same New Year resolution year after year? Our brains are programmed to protect us from the uncomfortable, the unknown, the undiscovered. Our brains stop our inner conscious from going out and facing our fears. Mel's simple "5 second rule" changed my life. Take the time to listen, understand and practice her "5 second rule" and I promise you 2018 will the year with all the change you every wished for. It starts with you, what will you do with your next 5 seconds?